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Information for Authors journal "Building Materials"

Scientific articles published in the journal "Materialy Budowlane" are indexed in a database containing Polish technical journals BAZTECH and Index Copernicus.

Ministry of Science and Higher Education awarded 8 points for publications in the journal "Materialy Budowlane".

The authors of scientific articles should refer to with the ethical principles governing copyright material published in the journal "Materialy Budowlane".

Rules for materials for publication in the journal "Materialy Budowlane"

The Editorial Board accepts for publication only original papers, previously unpublished in other journals or conference proceedings (congresses, symposia) unless the publication is ordered by the editors. In the case of publication in the journal "Materialy Budowlane" materials that have already been published, and this fact will be revealed after the publication of the article in the journal, the editors will post relevant information in one of the next editions of the journal.

Sending work to the editor it is considered to be synonymous with the statement of the Author(s) that this condition is met. If you accept to print Author(s) sign with the publishing house SIGMA-NOT Sp. o.o. agreement (proprietary or license) to move to the Publisher copyright. Publisher has henceforth the right to use the work, disposition and reproduction of any technique, including electronic and dissemination of any distribution channels.

Author(s) articles sent for publication in the journal are responsible for compliance with copyright law - both the content of the work, as well as used in the illustrations or statement should provide its own achievements of the author (s) or must be described in accordance with the rules of citation, with the appointment the source of the quote (literature).

The article should include the names of the authors together with their affiliation. In the case of more than one author, it is required the contribution of individual authors in the creation of the article. Responsibility for the indication of all the authors Author bears the applicant (transmits) article to the editor. The application should also include information about the sources of funding of the research and the publication of the article and the contribution of scientific research institutions, associations and other entities in ongoing research and preparation of manuscripts for publication.

The publication of a scientific nature should be accompanied by a summary and key words (5 words) in Polish and the title, abstract, keywords and captions to illustrations and tables in English.

Also required is to provide an e-mail to the author's correspondence and specify the type of scientific article reported. The list of references used in the article should be created in the Chicago style. Articles are reviewed by independent researchers.

Scientific articles published in the journal "Materialy Budowlane" are in black and white.

Guidelines for the preparation summary / abstract

Summary / abstract article published on the journal "Materialy Budowlane" is the only free available (in electronic bibliographic databases, and online) portion of the article, and therefore the content of the abstract must honestly discuss the contents of the article, give relevant information (required elements: the purpose, methodology, results , conclusions), and contain the most important keywords. In addition, the title of the article should find at least one such word. Abstract should be concise, clear and understandable. It is advisable to use sentences simple design, without abbreviations (if necessary, explain them), and links to illustrations, tables and bibliography.


Bibliographic data (bibliography) should be prepared in the Chicago style (the style chosen by the Higher Education in the construction of a nationwide database of citations Pol-index). Literature should be arranged in alphabetical order (according to the author's name) and have a formalized record: author # 1 surname name, author # 2 name surname. Publication date. "Title of the article". Magazine volume (issue): pages. DOI.


[1] Laskawiec Katarzyna, Małgorzata Piotrowicz, Piotr Zajac. 2015. "The use of autoclaved aerated concrete with recycled for the production of ordinary concrete." Materialy Budowlane 520 (12): 49-50. DOI 10.15199 / 33.2015.12.15.

[2] Tomasz Piotrowski, Janusz Skubalski. 2014. "Analysis of the phenomenon of neutron transport divisions concrete and possibilities of its use in material research." Materialy Budowlane 501 (5): 94-96.

The individual batches of data should be separated by dots, quotes we use in determining the article title, and italics - the administration of the journal name. Number notebook type in parentheses. In exceptional cases, if the author's name can not write the full version, you can enter initials.

Types of scientific articles

Original scientific article - presents unpublished results of original research (for empirical, theoretical, technical or analytical) of the author or his direct subordinate unit, new in relation to the current knowledge and achievements in the field, constituting an original contribution to world science; This is also an article about a scientific monograph or essay;

Review article - describes the current state of knowledge in a given subject area, collects, interprets and confronts together findings from many reference works, contains both a theoretical description, current and appropriately selected source literature, as well as the practical aspect of the problem, not necessarily while presenting original research results ;

Scientific report - takes the form of an article about the results yet unfinished research, which at this stage are of particular importance for science, eg. The preliminary results of empirical research, progress and preliminary results of original experimental and original technical solutions;

Case study (analysis of real events) - contains a description of the event or the event (one or more) that are interesting from a scientific and practical point of view; analysis of events, discussions based on the most recent literature and the conclusions from the analysis.

Pattern citation

Products out, published in the journal "Materialy Budowlane", please quote the following form: name the name of the authors. Publication date. "Title of the article". Building Materials Volume (issue number): page numbers. DOI.

Example: Andrzej Garbacz, Bogumil Chmielewska, Peter Sobociński. 2015. "Resin flooring in parking lots." Materialy Budowlane (11): 89-92. DOI 10.15199 / 33.2015.11.26.

For details and procedures for the authors, the content and form of preparation of materials describe "the requirements of scientific publications in the journal "Materialy Budowlane" - GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS (.DOC download) >>

For every scientific article sent to the editor (e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie obsługi JavaScript. ) must be accompanied by the form "Application research article to be published in the journal "Materialy Budowlane" - APPLICATION OF ARTICLE SCIENTIFIC (.DOC download) >>

Editorial does not return unsolicited material, and reserves the right to edit and abridge texts and make summaries.

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